We are LIVE!

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With our first post, please humour us as we state the obvious: our website is finally live!  After some procrastination but mostly “being busy actually doing the things”, we finally sat down and got it done…

We quite like it; we hope you do too!

The story of Visio started more than 15 years ago, when founding producer and pro musician Carina Bruwer started producing visual content for various music projects, under her agency Five Seasons Entertainment.  Music videos and EPKs were churned out for local television and international channels, and soon she found herself producing a live DVD of a high tech stage show with a 1200 pax live audience.  What was a huge  learning curve, also culminated in winning the top award in the South African music industry – a SAMA.

Over the years, the agency’s focus shifted gradually to video creation and visual content, and in 2020, Five Seasons was officially renamed Visio Productions, and well, here we are!