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Video production vs filmmaking

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It may be a matter of semantics, but we like to differentiate between filmmaking and video production, in an attempt to better illustrate the different production styles we offer, and the genres we work in. While creativity and a flair for storytelling are essential ingredients for any production, we categorise our documentaries, short films, music videos and some NPO videos under Film, and our more commercial work – corporate videos, web ads, brand films, event videos etc – under Video Production. While the purpose of Film purely being to entertainment, inform, touch and/or inspire, the intention of most commercial videos are to raise brand awareness, to sell and/or provide education around certain products and services, and to relay organisational messaging.

You guessed it, our filmmaking style feeds our video productions, resulting in “videos that have heart”, always – whether it is a documentary or short story, or a corporate film or web ad.

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