Educational video production, Cape Town

Training videos, tutorials, explainers and instructional videos

We simplify the professional production of training videos, explainer videos, educational videos, tutorial videos, instructional videos and screencasts - on brief and within budget
Effective training videos, video tutorials and demo videos require clear and professional audio, detailed visibility of any items / products that may be featured, and the strategic framing of the presenter to assist in presenting him / her as an authority and / or a relatable peer with knowledge worth sharing. Depending on budget and requirements, we typically film with two cameras, a professional lavalier microphone system as well as backup audio recording, and a versatile lighting system. A teleprompter should the presenter require this. In post production, we cut the footage into an absorbing presentation, and can integrate company branding, jingles and/or any other audio elements, visual cutaways and graphics (animated or basic).


Online learning is all the rage and production requirements ranges from internal training videos to commercially available self-help videos and more

Training videos
Online coaching
Online courses
Internal corporate training
Employee training


Even more formal education happens virtually these days, and even full university / colleges courses are available in video format.

Video lectures
Informational videos
On-location lectures / information sessions


Video tutorials are the go-to method for providing step by step instructions for just about any task or challenge, eg

How to use a product
How to perform a specific task
How to achieve goals online
How to create something