Siphesande’s violin
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Muzukidz NPO
Filmed, directed and edited by
Carina Bruwer
Good Hope Seminary, Cape Town

Siphesande Makele is the first of the current Muzukidz generation to outgrow her 3/4 size violin. She has been working extremely hard, especially during lockdown when the children were required to practise independently under challenging circumstances. Siphesande flourished, asking her teachers for more WhatsApp lessons and materials to keep her busy, and working through the music on her own as well as through WhatsApp lessons.

I wish the other children from the township, and from across South Africa and the world, can also play the violin – Siphesande Makele

A “secret angel” has been following the progress of Siphesande and her Muzukidz friends, and decided to donate a full-sized violin in order to support Siphesande in her journey ahead.

Inspired, proud and grateful, Siphesande and her family is enjoying the gift of music, more than ever. And her journey with the violin is becoming more exciting by the day!

Behind The Scenes

A quick run and gun production, Carina Bruwer grabbed some shots of the ongoing lesson, before the violin handover and interview with Siphesande and her mother.  This is an example of a micro production – 1 hour shoot, half day edit, 1 crew. We even got some stills out of the morning!