Plett: a safe haven for all with Sharksafe
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This whirlwind production was commissioned by Sharksafe in an effort to raise awareness about the environmentally friendly solution the company has to offer for Plettenberg Bay, where there has always been a large shark presence, and where recent shark human accidents have resulted in fatalities.  The further intention of the film is to get the buy-in from the public and some authorities, and to encourage fundraising for the project.

Behind The Scenes

This brand film was shot documentary style in what can only be described as a gorilla production, having had limited time for pre-production, a one man team plus a useful client, and no particular predetermined storyline or output format.  The message was this: we need to raise awareness fast.  Carina Bruwer was flown up to Plett on a few hours’ notice, met up with co-producer, engineer and general nice guy James Kennedy, and within a few hours the pair had 6 interviews lined up, and Carina was shooting B roll on the fly.  All came together in the edit, and the client could not be happier!

Plett: A safe haven for all with Sharksafe
Carina Bruwer, James Kennedy
Directed, filmed and edited by
Carina Bruwer
Drone and underwater footage
Barry Skinstad
Additional drone footage
Laurie Barwel
Sharksafe underwater footage
Michael Rutzen
Carina Bruwer
Special thanks to
Duran de Villiers & John Bozman (flights), Offshore Adventures (boats), Chase Jordaan from Firefly (accommodation and transport), Two Oceans Aquarium, OceanHub

” I had the upmost pleasure of witnessing Visio Production at work, and I cannot reccomMend them more!!”

Co Founder: Sharksafe Barrier