Sarabande Music Video
Sarabande Music Video
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Sarabande by Sterling EQ
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Visio Productions
Filmed by
Riccardo Pugliese and Jan Verboom
Carina Bruwer
Roodebloem Studios, Cape Town
Sterling EQ

Official music video of Sterling EQ’s remix of Handel’s Sarabande

Behind The Scenes

Two birds with one stone: Whilst in studio shooting their new album cover with Johan Wilke, Sterling EQ took advantage of the opportunity to shoot a simple yet elegant music video for their popular Sarabande remix. 5 takes of the song, and a 2 day edit later, and we were able to give Sterling fans a beautiful fix! 51,000 views and counting, we love how this quick video idea turned into something special!

It was that feeling that he wanted the shoes, like Brandon in the movie. He’s got what he wants, but it’s a false victory. Then the real emotional impetus being when my brother saw my face and was like, “Well, it’s okay, you’re a man now.” It made me proud for a split second and then extremely sad. In retrospect, I look back on it and was like “That’s bullshit.

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