Timothy Ehrenreich documentary: For Such A Time As This
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For Such A Time as This
Timothy Ehrenreich
Director, Videographer & Editor
Carina Bruwer
Production Assistant
Justin Hendrikse
Manenberg, Cape Town
26 June 2021 @ For Such A Time As This Album launch @ Zevenbosch

21 year-old Cape Town guitarist Timothy Ehrenreich’s journey through lockdown culminated in the creation of his debut album “For Such A Time As This”, and the birth of a professional recording studio in the heart of Manenburg – built at the back of his grandparents’ home!

Music can bring people of different backgrounds together and unite us.  We’re all in one room, we have one goal and that is to bring music people’s lives and bring harmony. – Timothy Ehrenreich

Behind The Scenes

This mini-documentary was shot on the last day of the full band being in studio. Carina grabbed interviews with all involved, in between rehearsing, workshopping and tracking, and catching their breaths. As is often the case, the film came together in the edit, with Timothy’s music creating a beautiful soundscape upon which to build the visual and narrative experience.