Training video series for Entrepreneurs’ Organization
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Visio was appointed to produce a training series for Entrepreneurs’ Organization, consisting of seven videos, each packed with tools and practical guides to encourage leadership and innovation.

The complete series was shot by a 2-person crew in approximately 4 hours, thanks to an efficient pre-production process, a well-prepared instructor and a non-threatening professional environment at DL Studio.  Equipment used included 2 Sony A7iii’s, 2 Godox ML 60s with soft boxes, Dracast LED500, Rodelink Wireless Filmmaker kit, Zoom H6 recorder and Glidegear TMP100 teleprompter.

7 Principles of Becoming a Changemaker
Entrepreneurs' Organization US
Producer, DOP, Editor
Carina Bruwer
Camera & lighting assistant
Jordan-Luke Pascoe
DL Studios Cape Town