On 13 May 2021, Remax Living Cape Town celebrated four important milestones, and we were tasked with capturing the occasion through a short video and photo series
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Short documentary about 21 year-old Cape Town guitarist Timothy Ehrenreich whose journey through lockdown culminated in the creation of his debut album "For Such A Time As This", and the birth of a professional recording studio in the heart of Manenburg - built at the back of his grandparents' home!
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A short video featuring an interview with new Muzukidz guest teacher Nolovuyo Maha. Her passion for teaching started at a young age, and she is committed to making a difference in her society through teaching the violin in her home language, Xhosa
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A short video about Siphesande Makele, a young violinist from the Cape Town township, who was the first of the Muzukidz children to receive a brand new Full size violin, as a reward for her hard work, and a symbol of hope for her family and the families of all the children involved in this amazing organisation.
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