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Photojournalism, reportage and editorial photography

A picture tells a thousand words and in fact, it often transcends words altogether. Photojournalism is an incredibly unique and specialised field of photography.

A successful assignment will see the photojournalist deliver images that captures the essence of the moment, the depth of the subject, and the truth of the plight, story or journey. Importantly, a photojournalist’s tasks include proper captioning of media, appropriate editing, and potentially story writing.

Photojournalism is an art which has been embraced by Visio owner Carina Bruwer, who now specialises in this field, having completed successful assignments for international agencies such as Arete Stories, Storyhunter and organisations such as Rotary, Unesco, Mail and Guardian, Al Jazeera and others.

Often, in addition to photographic requirements, a need exists for videography, which we can gladly provide, together with editing services if required

Recent Photojournalism assignments

Reportage is in our blood.