We live in turbulent times. We question our purpose and our place here on earth. But we are here, and we have the power to make a mark, to make a difference.

My journey with film and photography is about that. Visual media has the power to transport us to a heightened level of perception, to evoke emotion, and to suggest change. There is potential beauty and meaning in every moment. A single image can capture our existentialism, and this is what I love.

Visio’s founder, creative producer, director, editor and photographer Carina Bruwer is multifaceted professional – a serial creative, entrepreneur, pro musician and humanitarian.

As a nano influencer herself, Carina’s first production experience was gained in front of the camera, having been the subject of numerous program inserts and documentaries for amongst many others, CNN and Gillette World Sport. At the same time, her work as a musician and artist manager lead her to producing, directing and editing intricate sound and visual productions, one of which was awarded a coveted SAMA (South African Music Award).

Intrigued by the power of visual communication and armed with an intricate understanding of social media, Carina also leverages the power of celebrity and online engagement for fundraising projects, as well as commercial marketing campaigns.

Carina’s innate pursuit of truth and excellence, coupled with her inspirational and empathetic character, usually results in art which is unique and capable of changing perceptions.

Skills & Services
Producer, creative director, editor, photographer, videographer
11 years
Creative Director
Photographer & Videographer
We work with established agencies, labels and organizations, as well as young talents and startups.