NGO video production, Cape Town

We produce videos that inform and move

NPOs and NGOs are the warriors of the South African story. They feed, clothe, educate and see to the wellbeing of our people, arguable in a more tangible way than the government. Sharing their work and their various causes in a visual format is essential for raising funds and awareness, and for feeding back to their supporters. We relish the opportunity to produce these videos and be part of the change.
NGOs video

Fundraising is no easy task in a country where the need is simply overwhelming. That being said, there are a myriad of international organisations, companies and individuals who are committed to supporting growth in Africa and particularly South Africa, and are ready and willing to contribute generously. What differentiates one amazing NGO from the next, in the eyes of potential donors? Well, the ones that feed their senses with the narrative of the South African story - and the unique cause - receive the attention.

Film and media is the connection between a good cause and its potential supporters.

We love being part of the difference, and we understand the important role that media plays in spreading the message and encouraging support. We run a tight ship and are happy to work strategically within an NPO budget to maximise results.

Recent NGO Productions

We produce videos and stills within a realistic budget, to maximise the fundraising efforts, to help spread awareness, create opportunities, and to document and archive.