Music video production, Cape Town

Music videos are where we come from, literally!

As musicians and music producers ourselves, our journey into filmmaking started with the creation of music videos and musically driven content, so not only do we feel deeply at home and happy in this space; we also offer a creative edge because of our extensive experience and innate understanding of music, rhythm, and the people who create and perform it.

Rhythm sublime

Music and video creation share a key ingredient: rhythm. A good edit – be it a film, a commercial, or a music video – flows effortlessly. Creating this rhythm is an art. In music it is achieved through beats, patterns and pitch; whilst in video creation, we rely on camera movement and editing pace and style, whilst even the composition of a single shot carries its own rhythm.

Our musical background goes way back, and it is significant. Visio’s founder Carina Bruwer is an award-winning musician and music industry entrepreneur, and her first endeavour into the world of video and film production won her a South African Music Award (SAMA) for Best Live DVD back in 2011.  Whilst remaining active as a performing musician, artist manager and show producer, Carina’s interest in, and growing passion for film has seen her focus shifting to visual production, so much so that she now cites it as her main business.  Being involved in – and supporting – music projects is greatly rewarding for her and the company as a whole, and therefore musical content will always have a very special place in our business.

We Create

Music videos

Our first love… Our favourite canvas… Whether we are producing for a big name artist or an industry newcomer, we take our role as co-creators extremely seriously, and go the extra mile to create a video that not only does justice to the musical creation, but adds a new dimension to it.
Fun fact: Our editors are meticulous about synchronisation so you won’t find a word or note out of sync (even if the performance wasn’t perfect!).

Digital Concerts

Live DVDs used to be the rage but the world moves fast and well, DVDs are no longer produced.  However, digital concerts are more popular than ever (and well, the only pandemic-friendly outlet for performers), and we are 100% equipped to produce these. Whether pre-recorded or streamed live, we can handle a production of any size, ensuring that both the videography and audio recording and/or streaming is top quality.

EPKs & Artist Features

Artists are special creatures. Possessing a talent that is beyond the understanding of most mortals, complemented by an incredible capacity for hard work, a level of endurance that defies the odds time and time again, and a special quality which few can  explain and some have labeled X factor.  Our unique insight in to what “makes” a musician and all that goes into a music career, allows us to create narratives that really hit the spot and represents the artists in an authentic way

Recent Productions

The crew size and complexity of the production and the edit depends on your requirements – we are versatile and can accommodate any event size and budget!