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Video production in Cape Town

Influencer video production

While celebrity culture has always been with us one way or another, the marketing opportunities presented therethrough were mostly reserved for big brands that could afford big budget productions.  However, these days, almost any brand can benefit from influencer marketing, and the content creation involved can be as simple as the celebrity parking an iPhone on selfie mode and voila!  Of course, there is a myriad of production options between the home movie and 10 million dollar commercial, so brands can essentially establish their budget for influencer content creation, and partner with a production company that will optimise the budget and resources.

Contact us to discuss your influencer video production, photography and content creation requirements, within budget and on time!

Influencer videos often benefit from a raw edge, so as to communicate an authenticity to the viewer. However, using optimal camera and interview techniques, strategically filmed B roll and innovative editing go a long way in terms of creating the required production value (even if a rawness needs to be recreated).

Coming from an influencer culture ourselves, we know how to connect with and get the best out of our celebrities, presenters and role models, and create content that is fun and effective, withing a lightning fast turnaround time.

Popular types of Influencer videos

1 minuter or IGTV content

Stick within Instagram’s 1 minute limit by scripting (partially or in full) the video content, or give your influencer slightly more freedom by creating a longer form IGTV video (or both)

Live session / demo

Let your influencer connect in the most authentic way, through a live demonstration, product review or instructional.  It can be pre-recorded or live-streamed depending on the desired outcome.

A Day in the Life

A natural way of incorporating your product into your influencer video. Products are shown and mentioned as part of the influencers’ ritual in an organic way, rather than the video being solely product focused. This is proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for big and small businesses!

The crew size and complexity of the production and the edit depends on your requirements – we are versatile and can accommodate any production size and budget!