Book a headshot / portrait photographer in Cape Town

Headshot photography

In a world saturated with content and images of just about anything and anyone, it is of extra importance to have a headshot that stands out.  Your website and social profiles need to represent whatever it is you have to offer, whether you are a CEO or an influencer, a member of a corporate team or an entrepreneur, an experienced professional or new to the job market.

Your headshot is what creates the first impression with your prospective client, employer or follower, and it needs to represent your professionalism, your style, confidence and level of authority.  The good news is that it doesn’t need to be a daunting (or  overly expensive) experience!  While it is possible to use a photographic studio for the more traditional style headshots, the trend is to shoot in your own environment, making you look amazing through the use of strategic framing, good lighting and a relatable professional photographer.  Let us come to you, or if you prefer, we can suggest suitable locations or studios for your headshot shoot!

So whether you need new corporate headshots, a new LinkedIn profile photo, or a portrait for anything else, our headshot photographers would love to assist and will put you in the best light!

Your next headshot will be spectacular!