Film & video production, Cape Town, South Africa

Whether you need to share a message, sell a product, reinforce your brand image, or simply need to stay top of mind, video is the most effective marketing tool, (and often the only one you will need). At the same time, video and film has the immence power to entertain, inform, touch and/or inspire - and this is what really makes us tick!

While there will always be a place for the top dollar TVCs that used to be the definitive advertising tool for big brands and any company looking for maximum exposure, we now have the power to reach an infinite market through the internet, and it can be surprisingly affordable.

commercial video production
corporate presentation video
event video streaming

Web ads, brand films, and social media videos. Read more

Product videos, instructional videos, tutorials, public service announcements (PSAs), Company Culture videos. Read more

Event videos, coprorate launch videos, live streaming and hybrid events. Read more

video and photographic production Cape Town
video production for influencers cape town. social media videos, instagram video production

Documentary films (short or long format) that are authentic, impactful and produced with passion. Read more

Short format social media videos, product enforcement videos and all influencer video content. Read more

NGO short films, fundraising videos and website openers. Read more

Training videos / video series, educational videos and video tutorials. Read more

Music videos, digital concerts, EPKs and artist features. Read more

Full wedding films, wedding highlights videos, social media wedding reels. Read more

Some recents
A selection of some of latest video productions

Our service ranges from supplying a videographer for a single filming session, to a full service production which can include

Concept, Treatment, Storyboarding & Scripting

Budgeting, Planning, Coordination, Direction, Casting, Location scouting, Crew assembly, Equipment sourcing

Video editing, Sound design, Graphics & Motion design