Event videography, live streaming and digital events, Cape Town

Filming your event is our passion!

Events are special markers in time. They offer memorable moments of celebration, connection and messaging. An event video goes much further than eternalising the memories for all involved; it can offer valuable post event marketing and branding opportunities, as well as essential archive material.

Be it a special company celebration, a corporate announcement, an awards event or a conference, or even a more private landmark celebration, there are numerous ways of capturing your event. Let us encapsulate the fruition of your hard work, and bring your event to life in a unique cinematically inspired way. We offer event filming, live feed to big screens, and editing and post production for a variety of formats – from a full length video of the event, to a 10-, 5- and 1- minute edit for social media.

Event Videos

No event is too big or small. Whether it is a single or double camera setup to intricate multi-cam productions, we tackle each even with the same gusto and professionalism. We choose the right team based on the production requirements and desired product, to capture the moments, the message and the mood beautifully, and ensuring we create a captivating edit, the style and content of which we decide on in conjunction with the client and/or team.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is relatively new to the South African event scene, but not to us.  We have been streaming aspects of different events for close to a decade. So much so, that we formed a dedicated entity called <a href=”https://panastream.co.za>Panastream</a>, under which we facilitate all streaming aspects of our productions.

Hybrid Events

We LOVE hybrid events, which combine the adrenalin of live broadcasting, with the creative challenge of telling an event story, in real time. Whether your event involves a large audience and a series of speakers, awards and entertainment, or an intimate presentation in a small venue, we help you spread the message and/or celebration as wide as you wish, through our live event webcasting service.

Recent Events

The crew size and complexity of the production and the edit depends on your requirements – we are versatile and can accommodate any event size and budget!