Documentary production - Cape Town, South Africa

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As storytellers, artists and seekers of truth, documentary production is what makes us tick. The genre is extremely powerful in terms of its ability to educate, change perspectives, and inspire action

Documentaries are, as defined by <a href=””>Wikipedia</a> , “non-fiction motion pictures intended to document reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record.”

Our approach to documentary filmmaking is quite purist, whereas history and fact take precedence over stylistic aspects, although when there is scope for a cinematic approach, we soak it up, of course!

As South Africans, we see potential doccies in the people, situations and causes that we encounter every day! Engage and/or partner with us to create documentary films that are authentic, impactful and produced with passion.

Recent Documentary Productions

Our researchers, producers, directors and crew are passionate about South African stories, about justice and about contributing to change. We are open to discussing collaborations and passion projects!