Commercial video production, Cape Town

Web ads, social media videos, brand films and more!

Video advertising campaigns can come in various forms, the most tradition of which is video adverts (produced for the web exclusively, or web and TV), with a very popular emerging genre being branded content, or brand films.

Whether you need to share a message, sell a product, reinforce your brand image, or simply need to stay top of mind, video is the most effective marketing tool, (and often the only one you will need). And while there will always be a place for the top dollar TVCs that used to be the definitive advertising tool for big brands and any company looking for maximum exposure, we now have the power to reach an infinite market through the internet, and it can be surprisingly affordable.



Also known as “branded content”, this is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool amongst big brands and small businesses alike.

According to Wikipedia, branded content is the practice of marketing via the creation of content that is funded or outright produced by an advertiser… (it is) designed to build awareness by associating (the brand) with content that shares its values.

We love this genre for its authenticity and the opportunity and challenge it presents in terms of engaging an audience with a truly appealing narrative hook, giving the brand a unique level of exposure despite (or perhaps because of) being secondary to the subject, story and/or plot.


Video advertising can take many forms. With the infinite amounts of video content available for instant consumption, comes great opportunity and also strong competition for brands wanting to maximise opportunities.

Understand where your potential customers are, what they are doing, and then choose the most effective video marketing strategy to reach them.  We can assist with the conceptualisation and production of:

  • Video Commercials
  • In-stream videos
  • Video Ads customised for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, SnapChat, Youtube, and whatever’s next!


40% of social media users take some form of action after watching a video ad 

So, make sure they click and watch! This can be achieved through producing a video that:

  • is short and punchy (30-60 seconds is all the rage!) and captivates the viewer on various levels
  • focuses on a single story or highlight
  • strategically targets your (existing and targeted) audience
  • drives engagement through a call to action, special offer or incentive
Recent Productions
The crew size and complexity of the production and the edit depends on your requirements – we are versatile and can accommodate any event size and budget!